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Real estate should never be an investment limited to millionaires.  Everyone should have an opportunity to include real estate in their investment portfolio.  9000BC mission is to allow individuals with limited cash and low leverage credit to invest in real estate.


THE HISTORY OF TRADING starts from 9000BC to 405BC.  9000 BC is the very beginning of barter transactions where people are trading items for another item.

9000BC is a platform where you can trade your money for a percentage ownership of a real estate property.


We are a group of professionals located in downtown Montreal, Quebec. Investing in real estate requires good credit for a mortgage, huge cash for deposits, and meeting complex criteria set by the financial institution.  At the end of the day, half of our profit is gone to pay interest.  At 9000BC, we gather minority investors to form a group to make great investments! Our dream is to make investment in real estate available to anyone.  With a little as $1000, everyone should have the opportunity to invest in real estate and become a fraction owner of multiple properties without the complex criteria set by banks and the headaches of being a landlord. We aim for maximum return on every dollar with zero leverage.


Traditional real estate trading requires much paperwork and involves many professionals (Lawyers, Notaries, Accountants, Bankers … etc.) which cost thousands of dollars for each transaction. 

At 9000BC, we provide a 24/7 simplified online real estate marketplace. You can browse/ review/ buy/ sell properties anytime online without involving different professionals; every property listed at 9000BC is owned by an independent entity.  Instead of buying 1 percent of a building, you are buying 1 percent common share of the corporation.  Once you become 1 percent shareholder of the corporation, you automatically become 1 percent owner of the building it owns.  At 9000BC, we tried to make the process as easy as possible and save as much as because, in the end, every dollar we saved goes directly to the pocket of each investor.

Investors continue to view real estate as a secure investment based on its history of higher returns when compared to other investments (stocks and mutual funds) Stability can be likened to the scarcity principle driving demand. But in the end, there are only so many lands available in the world on our earth. Also, real estate generates passive income as real estate makes money through rent payments while the property value increases steadily above inflation. However, despite all these benefits, real estate is not the perfect investment for every investor. Unlike other investments that can be purchased incrementally, property investments require the owner to save money for the down payment, with good credit, and it may involve many legal issues, such as commercial leases and issues between tenants and landlords. Thus, despite the advantages of real estate investment, the barriers are still relatively high compared to other traditional investments. 9000 BC is a solution for all investors. With as little as $1000, with no credit requirement and with no real estate experience, you can also include real estate in your investment portfolio. For more information on how we share our wealth with you, please go to FAQ or register as a member immediately by clicking REGISTER to start owning your first real estate.