Our Frequently Asked Questions are here.

Note that there is NO 100% BULLET PROOF INVESTMENTS! You are investing in real property asset. Every dollar you invest will be on a piece of land or brick of a property. Your minimum guarantee is that you own a portion of that property which will always have a minimal value.

You can buy/sell at 9000BC to other investors who are interested in selling/ buying. There is no restriction of selling your ownership of property.

Currently, there is no fee. Only a transaction fee of $35 each time you buy/sell. This is to cover our administration expenses.

Start to be a 9000BC partner today and invest wisely.

  • You can be owner of the properties that you pass by everyday
  •  Earning passive income without any time spent

Forget about the traditional property investment approach:

  1. Shopping for the best property on your own
  2. Calculating on your own which ones give you the highest return
  3. Negotiating offers on your own on multiple properties.
  4. Funding the down payment with your hard earn savings
  5. Paying a mortgage insurance premium
  6. Applying mortgage that use up your credit
  7. Paying unnecessary expenses such as Notary Fee, Bank fee…. etc.
  8. Paying welcome tax (depending the City requirement as each City has its own welcome rule.)

With the tradition approach, your return from your rental revenue all goes to the bank paying the mortgage interest. At the end of the day, you invested in something that doesn’t give you any return. Depending on your down payment, you might end up losing money each year. In worst case scenario, your local is vacant, and you must keep looking for a good tenant while paying the mortgage yourself with your savings and the burden of your primary residence’s mortgage. Instead of investing all your down payment on one property, you can invest into 10 properties. The risk of losing a tenant will affect you very little. Diversified your risk and investment is another advantage.

  1. We have already done the shopping for you. We carefully select properties and each project undergoes a due diligence process by professionals
  2. Returns are already calculated for you with an easily understand snapshot
  3. You don’t need to have any negotiating expertise
  4. Investment starting $1000, you don’t need to wait for years of savings for a huge amount of down payment. Start investing as soon as you have $1000 saving.
  5. No mortgage insurance premium on our listing properties.
  6. No mortgage on our projects; therefore, it doesn’t affect your credit file.
  7. There are existing projects without welcome tax to pay (depending the city where the property is local). There is no change of ownership on the property. The property is always owned by a corporation. There is only change of ownership in the corporation. Thus, there is no welcome taxes to pay. Again, it is depending the City regulation as each City has its own welcome rule.)
  8. You could diversify into owning a fraction of multiple properties; hence, reducing your risk Why applying for mortgage and having to deal with banks’ numerous stressful requirements when you can be the bank and turn otherwise a mortgage interest into your earning!

9000BC’s mission is to give an opportunity to everyone to invest in real estate so we want to limit the shares available to one investor. also, 9000bc purpose is to diversify the portfolio.

It’s a matter of cash, credibility, and level of risk. we all have limited cash and credit, and willingness to take on a higher risk; hence, owning a small % on many properties bring the risk to the lowest. through 9000 BC, you use as lowest cash and leverage as possible and reducing risk by diversifying your investment.